Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week 8: Body Composition

Weight: 149 (lost 1lb)
Body Fat: 23.67% (same)
LBM: 113.96 lbs
Chest: 7 mm (same)
Midaxilla (below armpit): 10 mm (same)
Abdomen: 24.5 mm (lost 1.5mm)
Suprailiac (diag. fold abv. hip bone): 18 mm (same)
Thigh: 30.5 mm (lost .5mm)
Subscapular (below shoulder blade): 13.5 mm (lost .5mm)
Tricep: 16.5 mm (lost .5mm)

Here's my update photo for the week. I still really want to lose some in the midsection, butt and legs. But it's a BIG improvement from where I started.

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