Monday, February 25, 2008

Core Training

I'm going to start doing some different core training this week and thought I'd share the workouts with you. I'll probably do these 3 x a week.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week 6: Body Composition

Weight: 152
Body Fat: 24.94%
LBM: 114.54 lbs
Chest: 7 mm (same)
Midaxilla (below armpit): 11 mm (same)
Abdomen: 27 mm (same)
Suprailiac (diag. fold abv. hip bone): 20 mm (same)
Thigh: 31.5 mm (lost 1.5mm)
Subscapular (below shoulder blade): 15 mm (lost 2mm)
Tricep: 18 mm (lost 1mm)

Just changes in my thighs, back and triceps this week...BUT I'LL TAKE IT! =)

Friday, February 22, 2008


I am so glad it's Friday! I just need to make it through today....I am beat. I don't think my sleep has been good the last couple nights. I'll be posting my my updates on Sunday morning.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


God I love this drink. This is my little indulgence each day (almost each day). I don't believe the hype about them helping you lose weight, I just think they taste good. My favorite is berry....mmmm =)

Nutrition Facts
Calories 5
Total Fat 0 g
Sodium 35 mg
Total Carbs. 0 g
Protein 0 g
Calcium 200 mg

Week 5: Body Composition

Weight: 153 (same)
Body Fat: 25.61% (down .49%)
LBM: 114.49 lbs
Chest: 7 mm (same)
Midaxilla (below armpit): 11 mm (same)
Abdomen: 27 mm (lost 1 mm)
Suprailiac (diag. fold abv. hip bone): 20 mm (lost 2 mm)
Thigh: 33 mm (same)
Subscapular (below shoulder blade): 17 mm (lost 1 mm)
Tricep: 19 mm (same)

So the weight didn't go down this week, but I'm okay with that. I still had some losses and gained a pound in lean body mass. I'm hoping I'll have a nice loss next week, because the last couple weeks I was averaging a 2 pound loss per week.

For Valentines Day Dean made me a healthy shrimp scampi (didn't know there even was such a thing). YUM!

Calorie Calculations 101

Here's a great link for calculating your calories:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week 4: Body Composition

Weight: 153 (Down 2 pounds)
Body Fat: 26.19% (down 1%)
LBM: 113.45 lbs
Chest: 7 mm (same)
Midaxilla (below armpit): 11 mm (lost 1mm)
Abdomen: 28 mm (lost 1.5 mm)
Suprailiac (diag. fold abv. hip bone): 22 mm (lost 1mm)
Thigh: 33 mm (lost 1mm)
Subscapular (below shoulder blade): 18 mm (lost 1.5 mm)
Tricep: 19 mm (same)

So I had some progress this week...which makes me happy...I wasn't sure what things were going to look like this week, because I took a couple days off on the workouts. My muscles were feeling really fatigued and I was exhausted. Might have been overtraining a little bit.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week 3: Body Composition

So let me start off by saying that I'm really bummed with my results this week...I didn't really have any major changes in my measurements or my body fat %.
This week was a little hectic...I had staff developments 4 days last week. Two of those days I got up at 4:30am to work out, 1 day I skipped, and the other I was at the gym til 8pm. This week sucked.
And I wasn't as good on the diet. They had some snacks at a couple of the staff development meetings that I indulged that wasn't good.
Most of all, I just feel beat this week. It's been really hard to get through my cardio sessions the last couple days. My muscles literally feel tired.
Hopefully I'll have a better week next week.
Weight: 155 (Down 2 pounds)
Body Fat: 27.19% (only down .31% this week)
LBM: 113.37 lbs
Chest: 7 mm (lost 1mm)
Midaxilla (below armpit): 12 mm (stayed the same)
Abdomen: 29.5 mm (stayed the same)
Suprailiac (diag. fold abv. hip bone): 23 mm (lost 1mm)
Thigh: 34 mm (lost 1mm)
Subscapular (below shoulder blade): 20 mm (same)
Tricep: 19 mm (same)