Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week 3: Body Composition

I'm posting my body comp a little late. We lost power when Ike hit and power was just finally restored; it was out for a week. Our place weathered the storm fine and everyone was safe. The morning of Ike, I had my husband help me with my body composition. I just wrote all my pinches and measurements on a scrap piece of paper. Here's my body comp from 9/12/08:

Weight: 144.8 (lost 6.6 pounds)
Body Fat: 21.43%
LBM: 113.77 lbs
Chest: 7 mm
Midaxilla (below armpit): 9.0 mm (lost 1.5mm)
Abdomen: 22 mm (same)
Suprailiac (diag. fold abv. hip bone): 16 mm (lost 2mm)
Thigh: 27 mm (gained .5mm)
Subscapular (below shoulder blade): 12.5 mm (lost 1mm)
Tricep: 13 mm (lost 3mm)

A lot of the weight that I lost was probably water weight. So I'm not sure if I actually lost muscle mass or if it was just water retention. So, I'll be continuing the same meal plan through this next week. If I still am losing muscle mass then I will either increase my calories or decrease the amount of cardio that I am doing.

I don't have any data for this week (week 4). The diet was pretty lousy with not having power. My husband and I were limited on what we could eat that was healthy until some of the grocery stores opened back up. I'm looking forwarding to starting up my meal plan again and cleaning the diet back up.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 2: Body Composition

My results for this week suck! I'm so completely frustrated right now. It's been very stressful at work, but I've been doing good on the nutrition. And to top everything off, it's my TOM.
I've burned over 3500 calories this week at the gym, and usually eat between 1300-1500 calories each day. However, my pinches are all higher than they were last week.
I'm praying that a lot of it is just water retention from it being my TOM. We'll see when I do my pinches next week.

Here are my crappy stats:

Weight: 150 (gained 1.4 pounds)
Body Fat: 22.52%
LBM: 117.30 lbs
Chest: 7 mm
Midaxilla (below armpit): 10.5 mm (gained .5mm)
Abdomen: 22 mm (gained .5mm)
Suprailiac (diag. fold abv. hip bone): 18 mm (gained 1.25mm)
Thigh: 26.5 mm (gained .5mm)
Subscapular (below shoulder blade): 13.5 mm (same)
Tricep: 16 mm (gained .5mm)

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? I'm overall pretty frustrated.

My goals for this week are not to miss ANY days at the gym, clean up the diet even more and log EVERYTHING, and I'll be following a more strict meal plan (see the meal plan on the right column of my blog).