Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week 1: Body Composition

Weight: 150 (lost 1.9 pounds)
Body Fat: 21.94%
LBM: 117.09 lbs
Chest: 7 mm
Midaxilla (below armpit): 10 mm
Abdomen: 21.5 mm
Suprailiac (diag. fold abv. hip bone): 16.75 mm
Thigh: 26 mm
Subscapular (below shoulder blade): 13.5 mm
Tricep: 15 mm

Week one is down and I lost 1.9 pounds. Some of that may have been some water's hard to say, since I didn't do my pinches last week. There was definitely a gain since my last pinches that I did back in July (I was at 21.12% BF).
This week was pretty stressful. It was the first full week back at school with the kiddos, the school schedule has changed drastically, I have an extra class that I didn't have before, and it's been crazy handling all of the campus' technology issues. But I made it!!
The workouts felt good this week.
There were also some challenges with sweets. One day there was a birthday cake, another day some one brought doughnuts, and then there were brownies.
Tomorrow is my husband's b-day, so the challenge for tomorrow will be eating clean and trying to pass on the b-day cake (Eek! HELP!).

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